Flood Stories


Marissa was a single mom with two children, ages 10 and 13. Marissa was denied both FEMA and an SBA Loan. Her insurance through State Farm would only cover rental assistance, not flood damage. Marissa did not get flood water in her trailer but she did underneath the trailer. She did not know that she should’ve pulled her skirting down and because she didn’t, the moisture from the flood got into her trailer. After the moisture got into her trailer, her walls started to mold and the floor started to warp. TCRM was able to help Marissa with 14 sheets of plywood, paneling, insulation, and other building supplies purchased from Home Central totaling $1,251.72. Marissa is a perfect example of TCRM being able to help when a client was totally out of options and no other agencies would help.

Judy & Michelle

Judy is an elderly woman who before the flood, TCRM had helped through a senior grant with her prescriptions. Judy was living with her daughter, Michelle when the flood came. Michelle’s house in Owego got completely flooded. Michelle’s family of six plus Judy moved into Michelle’s friend Kelly’s house, which also lived in Owego, who was not flooded out. After they moved in, there were a total of 10 people living in Kelly’s house. It was hard for Judy to live with so many people and because she had been living with her daughter at the time of the flood, she was not eligible for help from FEMA. We paid $900.00 for first month’s rent and security deposit so that Judy could move into an apartment complex in Owego, where she still resides today. Michelle was denied assistance from FEMA because she did not have flood insurance. (People who were flooded in 2006 and received help from FEMA, FEMA required they purchase flood insurance, in order to get help again. If they did not, they were denied assistance from FEMA in 2011.) We could not help Michelle with everything she requested for her house but we were able to assist with plywood, drywall screws, sheet rock, and insulation. These things were priority to fix the floors and walls so that Michelle would be able to heat her home. The items were purchased from Home Central totaling $1,323.73.


Kaitlyn was working at Cynergy in Johnson City, NY when the flood happened. The building where she worked was flooded which put her out of work. She began receiving $147.00 a week from unemployment but there was a waiting period before she received the first check. She was unable to pay her rent during that time. She owed $625.00 behind on her rent. Open Door Mission was able to help with $100.00 and TCRM was able to help Kaitlyn with the remaining $525.00 to cover the month through the flood money that was received from TCRM’s donors.
Valerie – Valerie was a 42 year old woman who is paralyzed from the neck down due to an accident earlier in life. She was also living with and raising her 19 year old son. Kim was living in Nichols when the flood happened. Her trailer was completely flooded. She got enough from FEMA to provide her with a new trailer. However, she needed a new ramp built before she was allowed to come home from the hospital. TCRM, through donated flood money, was able to purchase the material and have skilled volunteers build a new ramp for Valerie. All the materials were purchased from Home Central totaling $1,053.41.

Mike & Susan

Mike & Susan are an elderly couple who were living in Waverly when the flood happened. They left their apartment as the water was already into the apartment. They had to walk through flood water to get to safety. Mike had just had open heart surgery and his chest was still stitched up. The flood water got him infected and he had to stay in the hospital for a month after the flood. He contacted TCRM once he was released from the hospital. TCRM helped Mike & Susan with clothing purchased for them at Target and paid for their first month’s rent and security deposit on a new apartment in Waverly. TCRM provided $1,050.00 for the new apartment and $151.23 for new clothing.
Robert & Jessica–Robert & Jessica were living on the first floor of an apartment complex when the flood came. They lost everything in their apartment and a vehicle that they had. FEMA provided them with rental assistance for a new apartment and funds to buy a new vehicle. They could not afford to get the new vehicle on the road and registered or put gas in it. TCRM assisted them with both of these with the amount totaling $186.50.


Charles was working at a gas station, which was flooded out. He was helping the owners clean out the convenience store and he stepped on a board with a nail in it. The nail went into his foot. The emergency room gave Charles five prescriptions that he needed to purchase. TCRM paid for the prescriptions for Charles which totaled $86.35 at Rite Aid Pharmacy. Charles contacted TCRM again about a week later. The original antibiotic that the doctor prescribed for Charles was not working so they gave him a prescription for a new one. This prescription came to $71.99. TCRM assisted with all six prescriptions for Charles totaling $158.34 altogether.

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