Senior Stories

Jane is 70 years old and disabled after several surgeries on her knees and leg. Jane’s social worker contacted us to see if we could assist with a bill. Jane required nursing care after one of her surgeries. She rehabbed in a PA nursing home. She was told the cost would be $250 a day. In her weakened state, she believed the cost was $2.50 a day. During her stay, she incurred a $750 bill. We negotiated an agreement with the nursing home so Jane could pay $25 a month. Since Jane struggles with limited income, even $25 a month was more than she could bear. Senior funding enabled us to pay $500 of the bill. We also spaced out payment into increments so that Jane was not required to make another payment to the nursing home until the beginning of the next fiscal year when we had adequate funding to clear her debt.

Sally had her bank card stolen by her grandson. He used the card at her bank and withdrew all the funds from her account. The funds that he withdrew were designated to pay her rent and other bills for that month. Because there was no way to recover the stolen funds, she had no way to pay her bills. Sally contacted TCRM and ODM for assistance. The Open Door Mission was able to pay half of Sally’s rent and a utility bill. We were able to pay the other half of her rent and also a phone bill.

Hilda had an emergency at home and was transported to Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital by ambulance in December 2013. Shortly after, she received a bill from the emergency squad for $80.00, the amount not covered by Medicare. Due to high Medicare and housing expenses, she was not able to pay the bill; however, she did want to make an effort. Hilda sent the emergency squad $10. Knowing it may be awhile before she can pay the ambulance bill completely, she called us for assistance. We were able to pay the remaining balance of $70.

Peggy had a rep-payee who was handling her finances. Unfortunately, the rep-payee took advantage of Peggy. The rep-payee starting using Peggy’s funds for herself rather than paying Peggy’s bills. Family members interacted and got the rep-payee removed. However, Peggy was left with several bills that were now past due. Peggy and her family contacted us to see if we could assist her. Through senior funds, we were able to assist with a past due medical bill for Lourdes Hospital. We also assisted with a bounced check and fees written by Peggy’s ex rep-payee to CVS to cover Peggy’s medications.

Mabel is primary guardian of her 12-year old grandchild whose father (M’s adult son) occasionally stays in the household. She is in process of buying a previously flooded house on a land contract. The house had no active furnace. She called us seeking assistance to purchase a heater for downstairs. We sent our volunteer handyman to assess the situation. He determined that there was no way that a heater could heat the whole house. House was virtually gutted. We talked with Mabel and she assured us that the upstairs was warm and toasty. Had two heaters upstairs. We sent our volunteer handyman to assess the situation. Mabel, her young grandchild, and adult son were living in the home, splitting time between the downstairs area and the upstairs of the house. Mabel was adamant on staying in the home throughout the winter. She had an electric heater for the upstairs but no heat for the business area, where her makeshift kitchen, dining room, and living room were. Mabel contacted us to see if we could purchase an electric heater for this area. After a home visit, we noted that the upstairs was indeed toasty but the need for some form of heat downstairs was obvious. While we purchased an electric heater for Mabel, we were certain that it would not provide adequate heat for Mabel. After enduring a difficult winter, Mabel was ready to move to another more suitable dwelling.

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